Bookmarks Fairies And Things W/Display

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Bookmarks Fairies And Things W/Display – 60 Asst


Bookmarks Fairies And Things W/Display – 60 Assorted Price of bookmarks – $0.55ea +gst

Bookmarks Measures – 15×4.5cm Display Measures – 20x30x6cm

Titles and Sayings:-

Fairy On Butterfly – My heart is open to all the fairies around me, I am at one with all the elements of nature and all beings of nature.

Mystical Dragons – Mystical dragon, bring me to you, take me away. Show me sights of things unseen; Take me where your heart has been. Impart to me what I must know, unto me, your wisdom, please bestow.

Fairy On Flower – I believe in fairies, I choose this moment to INVITE MAGIC into my life.

Mermaid – The shimmering ocean is like the mermaid’s mirror as it provides a reflection of ourselves. When you look for beauty, you will be beauty. If you focus on the negative then you might overlook the positive aspects of a situation or person, including yourself.

Fairy On Mushroom – With an open heart and willing spirit, all the DIVINE MAGIC will come my way.

Unicorn – I use my imagination to expand my visions.


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