Wholesale Candles Supplied to the Retail Industry

Soy candles, tea lights & wax melts

Candles are amazing and make for fantastic gifts. Whether you light a candle while taking a relaxing bath, enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner, or need some light when the power goes out, the trusty candle is always there. Nomivex Wholesale supplies wholesale candles to the retail industry all sourced from quality suppliers and competitively priced. Contact us to order.

Candles, tea lights and melts

With close to 40 years in the industry supplying retailers with quality gift lines, we know what people like and have catered accordingly. We stock more than 4000 related products including wax melts, tea light candles, and a variety of scented and unscented candles of all colours. All products are sourced from suppliers who we have worked with for years, which guarantee you high quality gifts and home d├ęcor items at affordable prices.

Huge variety of products

Browse our list of wholesale candle supplies sold in bulk and register to order online direct from us. We deliver efficiently and promptly. Some of our many items include:

  • Soy candles
    These are made from soy beans which occur naturally and are easily grown in multiple regions around the world, making it affordable and eco-friendly.
  • Wax melts
    Wax melts are candles without a wick that burn slowly often releasing a scent.
  • Tea lights
    These are small candles that come encased in a thin plastic or metal cup. They can be used in countless ways, on the beach in paper bags, in jars for a cosy light, or hung in coloured bottles for beautiful night lighting.

If you are looking for soy wax candles, tapered candles or votive candles, contact your local gift and homeware suppliers Nomivex.

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