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Incense sticks and smudge products

Smell is our most powerful sense. It has the ability to evoke memories and emotion and has a number of physical and psychological benefits. So, while many see incense as an air freshener or something to hide bad odours, there are in fact a number of benefits to burning incense. Incense is an affordable gift that most people love and appreciate. As one of Australia’s premier suppliers of giftware and products, we sell a range of wholesale incense Australia-wide. Our products are sourced from quality suppliers and are sold via retail outlets only. Contact Nomivex to order your supplies or register and order online.

Benefits of burning incense

Most religions and cultures have used incense in one way or another over the years. Whether you are burning an incense cone or one of our many thousands of incense sticks for sale, you’ll enjoy the many benefits, which include:

  • Increased creativity
    Certain smells can transport you to other worlds, time and places, helping you to stimulate your creative side.
  • Relaxation
    Incense has a calming influence, often used by monks and spiritual leader. Specific aromas can calm your heart rate and put you into a relaxed state of wellbeing.
  • Hide offensive smells
    Replace offensive or unpleasant smells with something more pleasant. It can change the entire atmosphere of your home or work place.

Resin and smudge products

We stock a variety of resin and smudge products. Browse our selection below.

Huge choice

When it comes to selling bulk incense wholesale, contact Nomivex. We have a massive variety based on our many years of selling these products and listening to our clients.

Our flavours include Magnolia, Jasmine, Lavender, White musk, and many variations of Sandesh, amongst many others.

Contact your bulk suppliers of incense, and smudge and resin products.

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