Saving made fun and easy

Boxes for both children and adults

Saving for a rainy day has never been easier, or more fun, thanks to our fantastic range of money boxes. Whether it’s a quirky gift, or something to encourage children to save their money, Novimex Wholesale has you covered with our variety of boxes!

We have some of the most unique money boxes in Australia, catering to every design taste. Whether its an owl, a soccer ball or even a guitar, we’ve got it, making us the best money box wholesalers in the area!

As soon as any child gets even a little bit of money, it goes straight to sweets or toys! With our fun and colourful options, kids will only be too eager to put some of their cash away. Some of our kid-friendly options include a Dory fish box, a frog-shaped box and an assortment of colourful bird-shaped boxes as well. Finding fun children’s money boxes in Australia is now simpler than ever!

Our eye-catching wholesale money boxes aren’t just for kids either. We also have a very realistic-looking skull box, a bit too creepy for the kids, and a beautifully decorated pig-shaped box. These are great as novelty gifts as well, sure to get anyone smiling and reaching for their wallet to save some coins!

Because we have a variety of wholesale money boxes for kids and adults, you’ll find exactly what you need for your business, and for your customers. What’s more, you’ll find it at an affordable price too!

Our team at Novimex Wholesale offers the highest levels of customer service to all of our valued clients, making us one of the most trusted money box suppliers in Australia.

So, if you’re a hoping to give your clients something different when it comes to money boxes, then visit our product page now! Our expertly made boxes are a great addition to any store, and will be sold out in no time! Not to worry though, you can just place another order with us!

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Dory Fish Money Box – 15cm

Dory Fish Money Box – 15cm


Dory Fish Money Box - 15cm